All Natural and Organic Meats and Poultry

To provide you and your family with the best quality available we proudly carry Bell & Evans and Creekstone Farms


Bell & Evans

• Raised without antibiotics
• No growth hormones.
• All-Vegetarian Diet
• No Hexane Gas
• Humanely Raised and Compassionately Handled,
• 100% Air-Chilled so there is NO RETAINED
WATER and no added water... for tender and flavorful chicken.
We also carry Bell & Evans Frozen Entrees and Frozen Gluten Free Entrees too!

Creekstone Farms

Natural Black Angus Beef
The Creekstone Farms Natural Protocols:
• No Antibiotics - EVER!
• No Added Hormones - EVER!
• No Growth Promoting Drugs - EVER!
• No Artificial Ingredients - EVER!
• 100% Vegetarian Diet
• Source Verified to Ranch of Birth
• Humane Animal Handling Practices